1. Completion of all the modules in the Fairfax County CERT class, either at the Fire and Rescue Academy or at another venue in Fairfax County
  2. Completion of online FEMA IS-317 Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams

CERTs from other jurisdictions can be accepted upon unanimous approval of the Volunteer Program Lead, the Community Lead Instructor and the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue CERT Program Lead Instructor. Specific classes maybe required (see CERT Transfer Process).
Level - ACTIVE - Trained Level plus the following:

  1. Participation in (one or more) CERT Teams
  2. Completion of online FEMA IS-100b Introduction to Incident Command
  3. Completion of online FEMA IS-700 National Incident Command System, an Introduction
  4. Participate at least two Fairfax County CERT exercises per year, e.g. class final, master exercise or other sanctioned exercise
  5. Completion of a positive Background check administered by Fairfax County
  6. Attend at least three (3) Fairfax County CERT monthly program meetings per year
  7. Maintain CPR and Basic First Aid certification
  8. Completion of the CERT Community Assessment Training (Formerly Windshield Survey) - exceptions will be made for those without smart phones
  9. Completion of the Hostile Environments First Aid class
  10. Completion of any Blood Bourne Pathogen or Infectious Control class

ID card will be issued when all the requirements have been met, and is valid for three years. 
Can be utilized for deployment.

Level - ADVANCED - Active level plus the following:
Completion of online FEMA IS-200 Incident Command System and Completion of online FEMA IS-55 Household Hazardous Materials - A guide for Citizens

  1. Completion of CERT Hazardous Materials continuing education class
  2. Completion of CERT Traffic and Crowd Management continuing education class
  3. Completion of CERT Emergency Communications continuing education class
  4. Completion of CERT Leadership continuing education class
  5. Completion of CERT Incident Commander continuing education class
  6. IC two events per year (one may be Outreach)
  7. Attend a minimum of four (4) monthly program meetings per year
  8. Complete a minimum of two (2) continuing education classes per year

ID card will be updated when all the requirements have been met, and is valid for three years.
Can be utilized at the EOC after completion of WebEOC training.

CERT Training Requirements for Participation Levels